Thursday, February 03, 2011

a purse lacking vinyl lining

I have two poems in the new Soundzine, an ezine that includes recordings. My poems are “Notes on Succulence” and “On Waking I Think of Winter.” (The latter was previously published in Avatar Review.) Soundzine has in-house readers, which is a good thing because I don’t have recording capabilities (yet).

“Notes on Succulence” is about how everything is on its way to rot and horror and how hopeless everything is and we’re all going to die and “On Waking” is about the same thing. (INSERT SMILEY FACE)

Also in the issue are Kathleen Kirk, Toni Clark and Judy Swann, whose poems I recommend. Sherry O’Keefe just began serving as poetry editor at Soundzine, and submissions are open for the next issue on the theme of LUCK.


Anonymous said...

I suppose hearing someone else say your name makes you sound famous, of a sorts.

I Think of Winter is very appropriate here in the US northeast. I wish a long repose would take me some mornings upon waking. The Jack London, dog licking made me think of To Build a Fire, a story I haven't thought of in 30+ years.

toniclark said...

Thanks for the mention. Soundzine is great. I just recently had lunch with Sherry O'Keefe at the AWP meeting in Washington, DC. (I use GarageBand, software that comes on the Mac, to make my recordings.)

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