Saturday, January 22, 2011


If you go to get a haircut with your daughter, it’s nice if they seat you beside one other so you can watch each other’s progress.

But it’s also nice if your daughter is led off to a completely different room where you forget about her.

If you’re in the same room, you’re available to help her when she asks you to look in your purse for stuff she wants/needs, like gum or her cell phone, while the hairdresser is busy with scissors near your eyes, ears and neck.

If you’re in different rooms, you can think about whatever you want. Something interesting like the book you're reading, or what you’d do if you had $2 million dollars.

Of course if you’re in the same room you can get into a four-way conversation with the offspring and the hairdressers about rap music, or the clubs downtown, or, you know, what you studied in school (30 years ago).

If you're in different rooms you might be able to tell the hairdresser what you want done without being distracted.

But if you’re in the same room, it’s nice to look in the next mirror and see your daughter, whose hair is very pretty even though she is not sitting up straight.


Kathleen said...

And I love the wild little spray of hair on the baby, too!

Patricia Lockwood said...

I love this picture so much

Kass said...

You and Lulu in 1996?

Very thoughtful baby and adoringly lovely mother.

SarahJane said...

Yes 1996. It was around this moment that I learned that the fontanel throbs.

Marshall Lynch said...

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