Monday, January 24, 2011

irish emblem

I learned a great word today, shambolic, meaning disorganized or confused. I like it because it sounds so much like shamanic, and according to the dictionary sprang from the rib of shambles about 40 years ago. But what made it really fun was I read it in the context of the breakdown of the Irish government after the Green party abandoned the coalition, which couldn't help but bring to mind - in two ways - the shamrock.

Sometimes it is easy to make me happy. Not because of the Irish government, of course, but because of confluence.


Kathleen said...

Yes! Confluence! I love it when that happens.

And the other thing of learning a new word and finding it everywhere.

Hmm, might not happen with "shambolic," but I will surely be on the lookout.

Will Eastland said...

Now those of us who are shambaholics know what our adjective form is. Thanks!

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