Saturday, July 24, 2010

letting the sun settle everything

While I was dragging through a 13-hour day at work on Friday, a frazzled dandelion was blooming through the sidewalk crack ... errr, no, don't think so.

While I was pounding through a 13-hour day at work, they were crafting a glass menagerie where once there was just a resinous thought of death ... uh, also no.

While I was slaving out a 13-hour workday yesterday, a beard was being smoked from its follicular cave into the open like so much play-doh ... hmmm, getting warmer?

While I was at work yesterday, wearing my horse blinders and conducting the keyboard orchestra, little did I know that crows were crushing the House of Usher.

Swedish meatballs were seizing the House of Pancakes.

1-Adam-12: an enormous sneeze was threatening to blow up the White House.

And some of my poems became scrollable under grey skirts at Escape into Life.

Welcome you read.


Kass said...

Like them I do.

Bill said...


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