Tuesday, July 27, 2010


(I’m spending a lot of time in parentheses these days.)
(It’s nice in here, and sheltered. Fendered.)
(Kind of noncommittal.)
(Like everything is just an aside.)
(What? This?! Not really that important.)
(Surely there are more important things.)
(Don’t mind me.) (Someone just dropped me here poolside.)
(This isn’t even a speech bubble. Just a (thought) bubble.)
(Don’t pay it much attention.)


Elisabeth said...

Life in parenthesis, Sarah Jane is wonderful, like a sort of after thought, an added on extra, a qualifying clause.

Thanks for this. It's terrific.

NE said...

I like parenthesis (he says sotto voce). I also like dashes -- they emphasize without being obnoxious like CAPS.

Kass said...

So clever.

toniclark said...

Je l'aime beaucoup.

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