Sunday, June 06, 2010

there's so much sunday

I've got three poems in the new issue of Avatar Review:

On Waking I Think Of Winter
Aunt Bobbie's Almanac
There's So Much Sunday

Avatar, which existed well before the popular film that I've never seen, is an annual, an unusual thing for an online zine. But it is very FULL, so that you could break it up and spend the whole year reading it.

Which I suggest.

I also got word yesterday that Opium online took my poem In Frankfurt Cemetery, one of my favorites. Because I love the Frankfurt Cemetery. It also did a cameo in my poem Despair, sort of, being the eternal resting place of Mr. Schopenhauer.


Peter said...


You get more poems published in a week than I can write in a year. How do you do that?

Kathleen said...

Great news! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Love the poems, Sarah.


Sandy Longhorn said...

Great poems! Also, thanks for introducing me to a new journal.

NE said...

Way to go, Sarah! Good stuff, all three (that I read at Avatar).

Curious, though, about this line that the Avatar editors wrote under the Submissions heading:

"We believe in money for art and will shamelessly promote artists’ work in the hope it can be sold."

I understand it to mean that THEY don't pay, but I'm not sure how publishing writers' work HELPS the writer. It actually hurts, as most publications treat previously-published work like the plague.

Am I confused or are they kidding themselves?

-- Newbie in Poetry Publishing Land (East of Eden and West of Candy Land)

Hedgie said...

Thank you for your kind words, Sarah, and equally thank you for your contributions which add considerably to the quality of AR.

NE -- "I'm not sure how publishing writers' work HELPS the writer. It actually hurts, as most publications treat previously-published work like the plague."

You seem to be focusing on the writer's obtaining payment for those specific poems; we're speaking in broader terms. Publishing work helps by calling attention of the poetry-reading public to the writer's work. Having read work by a particular writer in AR or one of the many other non-paying journals, a reader may choose to seek out work by that writer in the future, purchasing print journals which do pay the writer and purchasing chapbooks, anthologies, and full-length volumes of that writer's work. Speaking personally, I have purchased literally dozens of books because of a few individual poems I've read in non-paying journals. In that broader sense, the writer's interest is being well served, we believe.

Howard Miller
Contributing Editor
Avatar Review

SarahJane said...

Thanks Howard!
I was just answering NE's question, badly, when you dropped by.

NE said...

Thanks for the reply, Howard (I wasn't expecting an editor from AVATAR to be lurking... just goes to show you, I guess).

Anyway, I will agree that non-paying publication helps cover letters to future submissions elsewhere and, over time, helps to open more and more doors (maybe even THE NEW YORKER'S!).

The site is also very professional looking. Kudos!

Sherry O'Keefe said...

enjoyed reading your work, sarah. avatar is such a great experience every time i click over there.


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