Friday, June 04, 2010


My dear son turns 12 today. He was born in the morning, by wonderful c-section, like a real king. Due to doctorly screw-up I was completely knocked out, and when I woke up and they finally brought me this fat baby, I said he looked 'kind of blue.' Just another reason to name him Miles.

Miles loves dogs and skateboards and meat and potatoes. He can play piano. He is reading Rick Riordan's trilogy about Percy Jackson and the Greek gods. I'm very happy about that because I spent years trying to get him to WANT to read, including brute force. He falls asleep quickly. He likes to draw. He's into hoodies and watching bugs do their thing. He has just learned to swallow aspirin! I hope he will not have to do this too often in life.

photo compliments of Uncle Thatch


Kathleen said...

Love your joy!

Valerie Loveland said...

That is a fantastic photo!

NE said...

Happy Birthday, Miles! Twelve is a great age. And if you need any other book recs, let me know. I specialize in reluctant readers (ages 13 and 14).

SarahJane said...

Good to know NE. Of course the books have to have been translated into German. I found recs on the Rick Riordan books at Good Reads and I didn't think Miles would take to them, but he did, which was great. He also liked Harry Potter, though he hasn't read them all and probably won't. I "made" him read Neil Gaiman's "Graveyard Book," too, which was just okay. But he got through it.
Anything you could recommend for 12 year old boys I'd appreciate.

ArtSparker said...

What a wonderful photo.

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