Sunday, June 20, 2010

The river was getting ahead of itself

The new Prick of the Spindle is up and includes four of my poems: Clothespin, Dance Machine, For a Woman Who Hates the Word 'Moist' and Chowder.

Kathleen Kirk also reviews my chapbook in this issue! Click here and scroll down. I was very relieved that she liked it. She asks me some questions about the poems, too, over at her blog. Thanks, Kathleen.

Prick of the Spindle has a bunch of books available for review, mostly poetry. They’ll mail a copy to you – check out their list.

Elsewhere, Bateau has accepted my poem Dictionary Illustrations, a topic I’ve blogged about. And I have received rejections recently from 32 Poems, Front Porch and Cerise! Back to the drawing board.


Kathleen said...


Tricia said...


Sandy Longhorn said...

Awesome poems and congrats on the Bateau acceptance!

Dave said...

Don't forget that submissions are still open at qarrtsiluni for the Crowd issue.

Barry Napier said...

Loved the 4 poems. P particularly enjoyed Dancing Machine.

"on a home organ spooked by gas
and the occassional gunshot."

Well done!

Just found your blog today and can guarantee many returns.

Anonymous said...

Loved the review and the interview,
Sarah! Now I'm off to read the poems.


SarahJane said...

thanks for reading all.
I've actually tried writing a crowd poem. Needs a little work...

Charmi said...

Perhaps because Indiana is being deluged this summer, I am particularly fond of the poem "For a Woman Who Hates the Word Moist."

Congrats all around!

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