Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the gradual nap

On the couch I embarked on a gradual nap.
It began with the typical resistance of struggling to reopen the eyes.
The book I was reading was interesting, but not unsleepably interesting.
So I decided to go ahead and comply.
The eyes get tired you know, doing that reality check all day.
But first I put the bookmark in and put down the book.
I felt good, but soon got more serious.
I pulled the throw blanket over me and tucked it in, thinking,
as I always do at such moments, of that scene in The Naked and The Dead
where a soldier with bad kidneys has to sleep on the cold ground.
(This makes me thankful for the blanket.)
Then I moved the pillows from behind to the side of me,
being careful not to wake myself up as I keeled over.


Kass said...

...to keel over into such a repose. What a thought!

Anonymous said...

That overwhelming slide into sleep is nice. The one that I really enjoy is when you wake up from a sleep that you didn't realize you fell into.

I love the sense of the caretaker not wanting to part of you not wanting to wake the sleeper part of you.

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