Thursday, March 25, 2010

spring prints

And now a word from our sponsor!
I have some poems coming out in print journals in the next few weeks.

The annual RHINO will publish two of my homebody poems, two of a bunch of poems I’d like to package in a chapbook. RHINO took Steam and sPonge, the latter being about a kitchen sponge, written in the tradition of the wonderful Francis Ponge, a great observer who has brought many inanimate beings, including the baguette, to life. My sPonge begins –
“The sponge comes like a cut of beef, a vivisection rife with pocks and gulches.”

Barn Owl Review 3, out any day now, will publish Unseen, a backyard poem that starts –
“An airplane slices up Sunday
and why do I have to listen?”

Whiskey Island 57 is publishing two poems, Riding Backwards on the Train and To Long Division. I hate long division, and the nightmare returned when my kids hit fifth grade or so, and still hasn’t ended.

As to riding backwards on the train, I personally don’t mind it, but I notice how many people do mind it, and the poem is written from that point of view. It starts: “It’s not unpleasant: perpetual surprise.”

I ride the train every day and don’t mind it, with the exception of the occasional coffee slurper, cell phone chatterer and multiple seat hog. Mostly I like babies, even crying babies, which drop into my life like a surprise test.


Kass said...

I wonder if Barnes and Noble carry any of these print journals or if you can find them online. I'll just take a jump over to google. These teasers have whetted my appetite. Who, but you would think of square sponges as a vivisection?

SarahJane said...

that's nice of you. I think you can buy any of those at their respective sites. I linked to them, and RHINO and Barn Owl are clear on how to order, I think. Whiskey Island is a bit more opaque. I've actually already asked them where the order link for the new issue is, so when they tell me, I'll let you know.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats on the new work about to see the light of day. Looking forward to reading these.

NE said...

Congratulations. As I can attest, landing poems is no small feat, making you one mean pilot! Well done!

Ron. said...

You are my heroess, Ms Sloat.

I remember the sPonge and the backward trainride clearly from workshop/critique boards (Desert Moon, I think? and somewhere else...)

Salute, belle amie!

Kathleen said...

Delighted to read of your spring poems! I will get hold of these journals!

SarahJane said...

Heroess. Ha ha!
I am sometimes the Walress.

BJeronimo said...

Love teh endorsements. Thanks for the introduction. Some of the lines remind me of the 17 hippies.

Jeff said...

There are some days you write. And there are some days you publish. Always a joy to see that you still do both.


- Jeff

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