Tuesday, February 02, 2010

not the crown but the tiara

The Literary Bohemian told me this morning that my piece "Attending the Tasting" has been selected for Best of the Web 2010. Thanks to the editors there for nominating my writing, and congratulations to them, too, as they had three pieces selected for the anthology. Not shabby!

I actually shuffled my links yesterday and "Attending the Tasting" is over there at the top if you'd like to read it. It's about wine. In generous quantities.


Kass said...

Congratulations and brava! This poem is excellant. I wonder if anyone else has put their wine impressions into a poem. It certainly beats the wine dialogues in the movie Sideways!....and those were pretty good, especially the one where Miles says the wine tastes like the back of a school bus.

SarahJane said...

I never saw "Sideways." Afraid of recognizing myself. I've considered buying the book, though. I think it was a book first?

rallentanda said...

I'm very impressed with the Sauvignon Blanc.You have got it exactly.Very interesting poem.
I enjoyed 'Sideways' enormously.Your wine critiques are far superior.Chapeau!

Kass said...

Sideways, by Rex Pickett. Amazon has used copies starting at $.01.

Jasmine said...

I read it a while ago and had loved it;sent it to a friend who has a vineyard and well, has never done something like this with her wine...

Oh and I love this:but turn the lights down a little: a flame is kindling in the robin’s throat.

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