Friday, October 23, 2009

Awesome in America

I figured I’d share a couple of my real-life encounters with Awesome in America. The first sighting was at a Hanes shop, where I bought a pair of pondgreen polka-dot pajama bottoms. As I was paying, the salesclerk told me “those pants are Awesome.” It seems she had the same pair at home. You can bet I was mighty proud of my choice!

The second sighting took place at the legendary Dreamaway Lodge in Becket, Mass. We were ordering dinner, and my father chose the spicy Thai salmon. “That’s Awesome,” the waitress assured him. We had a good chuckle about this after she left. Seems I’m not the only one in the family with a thing for the Awesome. I’m considering making Awesome a regular part of my life.


Kasscho said...

Sometimes I think we're going to implode as a society as we try to express ourselves with more and more words that we pick up and repeat and repeat 'til they lose their meaning. Awesome: awe-inspiring, overwhelming, imposing, fearsome, weird, eerie... Next time I'm tempted to say, "awesome," I'm going to say, "redoubtable!"

Ron. said...

"I’m considering making Awesome a regular part of my life."


Ron. said...

Sorry, typo.

Still, awesome.

BJeronimo said...

I think you should hester prin it and get a shirt with a big A on it.

Dave said...

Which comedian was it who said that nowhere but the USA would people get tired of cocaine and come up with crack? In a few years, I predict that "awesome" will be replaced by "orgasmic."

SarahJane said...

My only beef with Awesome is the hyperbole of it. And this in a land of conservative Christians.
Upgrading to "orgasmic" indeed can't be far off.
Bob - hilarious idea. "A" on the front, and "Awesome" on the back.
Ron. - loved your typo.

Toni Clark said...

Around here, if it's not awesome, it's amazing.

And the A on my shirt is for neither.

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