Monday, June 01, 2009

unbuttons the tongue

Check out the new Literary Bohemian, where I have some wine blurbs in the form of postcard prose . As we say here in elsewhere, "welcome you enjoy." Of course there's lots of other good reading to be had in this issue, including Dave Rowley's Letter Written on a Paper Crane.


Jessy Randall said...

I love these! But for a second I felt guilty for copying you, because I've been working on a series of similar-length, similarly-formatted "fortunes too long for cookies." But I couldn't have copied you, because I'm only now reading the wine blurbs and I already wrote the fortunes. Phew.

SarahJane said...

Thanks, Jessy. I look forward to your fortune cookies. Please write one for me. As long as it forecasts wealth, health and caviar.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the line of the high alcohol content making it a favorite with sops. That's a characteristic I look for in a wine. Along with a resealable top to prevent oxidation between sips.

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