Wednesday, June 03, 2009

i'm making life too complicated

I am not wearing brown today
I am wearing black and I invite you
to believe in a shirt that’s purple
Fashion makes demands
like should the socks match the slacks or the shoes
I am living the wrong answer
Then the question of mixing gold with silver jewelry
and the shorts best suited to ugly legs are called pants
I will never achieve a black belt the same shade as my bag
Unfortunately when I fell to earth I woke up
in a country where socks clot sandals
which is confusing
The other day we visited a department store in Paris
took the escalator past lingerie
My daughter asked what is lingerie
Before I could begin to think
my husband explained underwear
simple as that
beyond me to say


Sylvia said...

Sarah Jane, this is a wonderful poem, I feel absolutely identified with this question of matching shoes & bag, gold & silver...LOL...

"I am living the wrong answer" is cool... Congrats, I wish I had written your poem!
(My blog is mostly in Spanish, but you're welcome to comment in any language you see fit, if you scroll down you'll see I've published in English)
Keep 'em comin'... :-)

Ron. said...

As almost always, awesome work, Ms Sloat. I especially appreciate this line:

I will never achieve a black belt the same shade as my bag

for the combined martial arts reference and the acceptance of "shades" of black. This is clearly a female concept. My beloved Sandra had my head spinning when we had to paint something at home: "Which do you like, the French White, Imperial White, Iceberg, Off-white, Fogbank, Tundra, Lace, etc., etc., etc.?"

I digress. You rock, lady.

Talia said...

I say, match the socks to the shoes. That way, I only have to buy brown socks--ever.

Anonymous said...

I belive the fashiion of this piece is to be read in conjunction with the one on the open zipper. That way you can cover ulgy legs, gold/silver jewelry and if lingerie is, in fact, underwear.

I (unfortunately as crude as I am) enjoy the line that lingerie looks best in a pile at the foot of the bed.

SarahJane said...

thanks for reading. i wrote this down while staring at the big cheese's socks during a meeting on wednesday

Valerie Loveland said...

My socks are boring. I only have one type. I buy 15 pairs of the same socks so I never have to match them. When it is time for new socks, I throw all the old ones away.

Love the part about socks clotting sandals.

Toni Clark said...

Great poem! I read it last week on vacation, but was using my Kindle and couldn't get logged in to reply. Anyway... I came back to say, Yeah!

SarahJane said...

i should buy all the same socks. but then i'd have nothing to complain about.

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