Friday, April 03, 2009

now i become scientifically tired

I have two poems in the new issue of Literary Bohemian. One is clumped into one wadded stanza; the other is chopped up irregularly like salad greens.

It was warm here today, but I was dressed nicely in a blouse and my daughter was crying on the phone. I must admit that a little shopping and some jelly beans solved her problems, at least temporarily. That's the way it is with problems.


Carolyn said...

Hey Sarah,

Please send us an email and describe how you'd like the poem to be set out. It's odd, though, since poems are submitted by the authors exactly how they are supposed to be formatted. Any ideas about what happened along the way?

PS: Martin Ott thought your poems rocked and said, "I wish they were mine." Higher praise does not exist!

With all best intentions,

Carolyn, The Literary Bohemian

SarahJane said...

Hi Carolyn-
The poems are formatted absolutely correctly! Didn't mean for my post to suggest otherwise....
Lovely issue, as always.
Hope your flu has flown.

Anonymous said...

Hadn't read either poem & love them both but esp. On Stopping To Buy Perfume...I had to send it off to a
friend immediately.


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