Monday, June 09, 2008

so as not to lose these

chestnut / odious / apparatus / vellum / nanate? /
bullfight / gypsum / barista / potion / Belair /
appartchik / etiolate / tapioca / sorcery / syncophation


LKD said...

Gypsum. Vellum. I love those two.

The two words chiming in my head today--one, thanks to being the word of the day on my word of the day calendar at work yesterday--are:


I was in one of those trying to hard to be a cool coffee shop coffee shops yesterday where they sell $35 dollar Jamaican coffee and blare NPR all day, and after ordering a cup of black gold (the name of the coffee), I kept saying the word barista out loud much to the irritation of the barista behind the counter who was serving me.

Or maybe she was irritated because I didn't order a ten dollar one thousand calorie specialty coffee with chocolate and caramel and whipped cream, etc.

The black gold hit the spot.

As did that word.


It almost sounds like the sound a really funky horn would make on one of those funky old cars.


(I swear, sometimes I could ramble on for days...)

SarahJane said...

i always think female when i think barista. but of course that's wrong. my husband should be a barista.

i have to look out louche.

i'm writing a letter to coffee with whipped cream.
dear coffee with whipped cream,
i hate you. please go away.
the purist

SarahJane said...

i meant look up louche.
maybe i have to look out louche, too. i have no idea.

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