Friday, June 06, 2008

friday confession: half a werewolf

My daughter got one of those girl’s how-to books that has a section on palm reading. She asked me if my ring finger is longer than the index, so I looked at my left hand, which I instinctively look at, and it was. "Good," she said, "that means you're creative." She went on reading and I checked out my right hand, and believe it or not my index finger on my right hand is longer than the ring finger! I never knew this! Right in front of my nose!

Everyone knows if your ring finger is longer than your middle finger it means you are a werewolf, but I figure I’ve come pretty far with my weird constellation and I am half a werewolf. Maybe I am an arrested werewolf. Or maybe I am active already - I do wake up pretty exhausted some mornings without any recollection of what happened while I was asleep. Supposedly asleep.

Anyway, I googled “ring finger longer than index” and found that this not only suggests I may be gay but I am also at risk for “a painful joint condition” called osteoarthritis, which affects the knees and hips. And I am very worried how I will pursue my nocturnal work as a werewolf, possibly a gay werewolf, bounding across moors and forests, leaping from behind trees onto my surprised victims, with bum knees.


Anonymous said...

A toast to your humorous ring finger.

Peter said...

I do enjoy your confessions!

GrumpyTeacher1 said...

That was great. I don't comment much, but I really enjoy your posts.

Tricia said...

Oh NO this is true of me also! Will we go after each other and suck necks in the night?

(Seriously, my ring fingers are about half an inch longer than my indexes. This strikes me as extreme.)

SarahJane said...

and you know what they say about hair in your palm.

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