Tuesday, June 24, 2008

seemingly reasonable desires

a little peace and quiet
whole milk instead of skim
a restaurant that doesn’t keep red wine in the fridge
a lunch break, occasionally
an optimistic fortune cookie
colleague not talking while I’m talking
absence of ant infestation the day before going on vacation


sam of the ten thousand things said...

Have a great & safe trip, Sarah.

lynn said...

Yes- enjoy. Here's to being antless!

Ash said...

I got a fortune cookie today that read: You could be great in the entertainment field.

That's pretty encouraging, right?

Lisa Allender said...

Hi just stopping in at your lovely blog. It's been awhile. Love the "reasonable desires"...
Peace, woman.

Yoly said...

All these are reasonable, Sarah.
And a cup of coffee in the morn when all is super duper quiet..

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