Friday, April 11, 2008

friday confession: recidivism

Our faucet is broken. It seeps from the base of the neck, slowly flooding the countertop. I said to my husband, “We’ll go to Hornbach (Germany’s Home Depot) and get a new one.” He said he hates Hornbach, probably because he read something today saying such hardware stores are the equivalent of perfumeries for women. He wasn’t sure if that was a jab at men or women. I said probably men. Because I like perfumeries, too. I stop by a lot after work and spritz myself with something. Often it’s Mark Jacobs or Mark Jacobs’ Ivy. Today it was Ivy. I rationalize that I’m still trying them on, and can’t commit yet. Too bad I have only two wrists, and one nape to seep from.


Lisa Allender said...

Whenever I find something incomprehensible to me(I am not very "mechanical"), I say "It's all Home Depot to me."(I can't use that ol' cliche' "It's all Greek to me" to express a lack of understanding something very difficult, as I happen to BE half-Greek!)
I LOVE perfumeries....
And I think it's definitely mostly men who get sooo excited over home-improvement centers. Though not EVERYone in there is a guy!

SarahJane said...

Believe it or not, I was actually in a home improvement center (where my husband spent a lot of time talking to himself in the belief he was talking to me) AND a perfumerie yesterday. The latter was nicer, though I left with an olfactory overloard.
Love your phrase "It'S all Home Depot to me." lol.

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