Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the firebreather is beneath the clover

My colleague was trolling through the newspapers yesterday and discovered that Joanna Newsom is performing in Frankfurt Sept. 13. We both freaked out a little, and this morning, after checking with our respective spouses, we got tickets. It's in a church in the Sachsenhausen neighborhood of Frankfurt.

Our spouses declined. His wife re-listened to Ys and gave the thumbs-down. I reminded Carlo of who Joanna Newsom is ("is that yoko ono?," he once asked) and he also bowed out.

So nothing but real fans attending.

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michi said...

she's playing vienna too. but it's two days after i'm at another concert, and money is a bit tight, so i will probably pass ... let me know how the frankfurt show goes!

this side of the blue,

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