Friday, February 09, 2007

book of right-on

it happened again. I'm listening to music and the husband asks "who's that, yoko ono?" And it's joanna newsom.


Carl Bryant said...

Sarah, I can relate.

It's tough being the only normal person in the house.

Sometimes, I look at my wife and think: "She's so screwed up... I bet her mother used a coathanger to get in touch with her inner child." Then I think: "Why is she looking at me like that and shaking her head?"

michi said...

svetlana sucks lemons across from me.

and everything's as it should be. :)

maybe you should also get bjork's medĂșlla - for the time when your husband has gotten used to joanna newsom. ;)


Andrew Shields said...

Andrea used to always say, "Hey, that's a nice CD. What is it?" And it was always something by Ralph Towner.

My Miles is seven; my Luisa is two (three in April). And their little sister is almost nine months old and her name is ... Sara.

SarahJane said...

that is weird. my miles is 7, too!
Luisa is 10. whew.
And Sara(h), well, we'll just omit that bit of data. pleased to meet you. have you good taste in names.

SarahJane said...

carlo is showing severe symptoms of not-ever-going-to-get-used-to-joannanewsom. but also Luisa gives me a weird look when the singing begins.

i'm afraid it seems you're turning out to be the only normal one in the universe.

Andrew Shields said...

I was going to email you to discuss children's names further, but I could not find your address on your blog or on your profile, so if you want to email me, drop me a note. My email address is on my University of Basel web page (link in my profile).

Andrew Shields said...

Well, this is a bummer. I tried to write to your email address, but it did not get through. Try me at andrew dot shields at unibas dot ch.

SarahJane said...

um... i am fully awake now... my son miles is 8, not 7.

which means i win!

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