Saturday, June 23, 2007

mule & deer

After reading some of Anne Boyer’s poems on Amy King’s blog, I ordered The Good Apocalypse from effing press. Since I was going to the trouble (and I hate paypal like the dental plaque, and it hates me back), I asked the editor to recommend two other books, which he did, and he threw in a freebie for good measure, which was kind, but was also because he seems genuinely excited about poetry and was doing what editors should do, ie spreading the word.

So I ended up with –
Anne Boyer’s The Good Apocalypse
Hoa Nguyen’s Red Juice
Clayton Couch’s Artificial Lure
Farid Matuk’s Is it the King?

That last one is my favorite. Unless the poet or effing press comes along to kvetch, here’s the first poem from Is it the King? Those dots at the end shouldn't be there, but i suck so they are.

Of Mule and Deer

Out of a tin-cold, murmuring black wood
Lightly you lope, pale deer, lifting
A story from pages of snow

Nothing turns in your eye they say

Toward the tin-cold and murmuring black wood
I bear a display case of blue light
Say it was the sky

Say all you want . . . . . . it was the sky


Liz said...

Sarah, thanks for the poetry info. I just love the poem you quoted and will be off pretty shortly to order the book.

I've used Paypal quite a bit but I keep getting 'impersonator paypal' people telling me that my account has been broken into etc and now apparently PayPal are coming under some new authority/'s becoming complicated dealing with them.


sam of the ten thousand things said...

You've been tagged with a meme.

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