Tuesday, June 26, 2007

haunts and wishes

Sam tagged me with "Reveal 8 Things About Yourself." Here they are - one recycled from a similar tag some months ago.

1. I recently began buying my shirts at children’s clothes stores. The sizes for 14 and/or 16-year old girls fit well. You can find nice things that cost less than at most grown-up shops. Also boys t-shirts from the US are roomy - my son's Old Navy size 8s fit me, and they're nice cotton. I am not a big person, nor am I a dwarf. I suspect some weird thing is going on with sizes to accommodate the obese.

2. When I go past the cellar pantry, I involuntarily do a quick calculation on how long we could survive on our supplies.

3. When I interview someone young for a job, I sometimes suppress motherly feelings for them, especially if they express themselves in clich├ęs like "my dream job."

4. The most I ever spent on a piece of jewellery was about $490 for a necklace. With the exception of my wedding ring, no other jewellery I ever bought came close to that, even by half. I’m wearing it today, which is why it occurs to me.

5. As a kid I assigned values to letters, thus giving words certain scores. The small “l” was a valuable letter because it could be spliced into many ls, and most any other letter with an l-shaped post was similarly valuable, though it could lose points for rickety extra and unwieldy equipment that could not be bent into other letters, like the top of the T.

6. I starred in a Chinese television commercial for a hotel in Dalian, where I lived for a year nearly 20 years ago.

7. I have driven drunk, and it is a mistake. (Now this was long ago, and nothing happened, but really, do not go here.)

8. I have wishes.

I tag Andrew, Valerie, Liz, Michi , Rachel and Jalina, who just came back to blogging. If y'all do not want to play, I promise I will not put one of those chain-letter curses on you.


sam of the ten thousand things said...

Enjoyed your list, Sarah. And I like the blog's new look.

Liz said...

Sarah, love the 'cellar pantry' thinking and the commercial one.

I've completed mine!


michi said...

oh! got me this time! ;)
i'll think of something soon, promise. enjoyed reading yours.

and yay! a new look! :)


SarahJane said...

thanks for reading. as to the blog change, I was surprised how hard it was to give up the other template. I had tried a number of times but always ended up hating it. But I like this color, and in fact it's pretty much the same template, just flipped over.

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