Thursday, April 19, 2007

suit of mail

My poem "Vestment" is up
at Blood Orange Review,
and I am grateful
for the poem's mention
in the editors' notes, and for
those notes themselves!

Blood Orange is open to submissions.


Arlene said...

wheee! congrats on the publication of your tiny tiny poem, sarah.

as for the reconsidered rejection, it happened to me once. adirondack review. ages ago. a rejection note, then a note some weeks later saying my poem was already online. and it was. some 'zines are really strange.


Bobby D said...

Hi Sarah Sloat, this is kind of weird for me, but here goes. I recently became interested in poetry, and writing in general (trial basis maybe). Anyway, I was surfing some online poetry sites and came across some of your gems, poems. I read a few (Liked em) before I realized you went to SPLFD High. I know, big yip right!
If I'm wrong "nothing ventured nothing gained. "Just thought I'd give a big Ole shout out and say howsitgoing! I'm Bobby Dilley, we weren't chums or anything. If I'm wrong, I apologize for the blog intrusion. Very Good poems really, straight up!

Bob D

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Wonderful poem, Sarah. What an ending: "no other ruin can sting". Congratulations.

Nic Sebastian said...

nice nice nice. Those bees! Many congrats!


michi said...

love the poem, sarah. congratulations, and i'm happy for you! :)


SarahJane said...

Thanks all. They are open for submissions so you might consider subbing there.

Hi Bobby D - it's nice of you to leave a note. I indeed did attend so plfd high school! Why don't you send me an email at sjanesloat (at) yahoo (dot) com? I was just in NJ in November.


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