Monday, April 09, 2007

april is the coolest month

i could try to write a poem a day this month, but up to now i haven't had time. instead, as a start, i made up 30 poem titles.

Pleasure's Last Anatomy Lesson * My Bootheel's 8 o'clock Appointment

The Agony of Fawnbrown Eyeshadow * For Lack of a Sombrero

Twin Superstitions * I Tire Of Hanging Myself To Death

Scrambled Flora of Parsippany * As Smoke Enters My Mustache

The Smell of Burning Brakes * Neon Jesus

The Four Seasons' Bartender's First Wife * The Heiress's Old Hoisery

The Wild Ride of the Duchess Potato * Porcelain Ohio

Swift Mistress of Baguettes * Weariness to No Avail

Monday At 6.31 am It Was 46 Degrees * Timid Cinnamon

A Pre-programmed Fuckup of the Spanish Grammar * Argyle

The Brothel's Sad Aquarium * Buy OEM Software

ok, i still have some work to do


rae said...

hahahaha! I think you could sell those - I'd probably buy one. I'm poem-titled challenged.

SarahJane said...

me, too. i think because I usually write the poem and then try to come up with a title... May be better to start with the title and see where that goes.

michi said...

okay: how many "Buy OEM software" emails do you get on an average day?

i might have to borrow a few titles from your list, sarah ... very tempting. very.


SarahJane said...

I don't even know what OEM software is but apparently I am in dire need of some.

And you hardly need to borrow from me. You are very creative with titles.

michi said...

sarah, oem means "original equipment manufacturer", it refers to bundled software (bundled with a computer). -- end of lesson. ;)

i am not very creative at all at the moment. nothing, nothing, nothing. maybe i should finally drag the poem title generator from the attic?!


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