Monday, January 22, 2007

waiting for the ubahn

Global. Local. Glocal. Lobal.
Leggings. Afghan. Legghan. Afgings.
Slowburn. Bespoke. Besburn. Slowpoke.
Krishna. Normal. Norna. Krishmal.
Bhopal. Payload. Bhoload. Paypal.
Vesper. Tonal. Tosper. Venal.
Ghazal. Haiga. Haizal. Ghaga.
Slumber. Warlord. Warber. Slumlord.


LukeBuckham said...

Your new photo is very sexxy, glamorous! You look like a grand writer in her prime debauching herself into enlightenment.

SarahJane said...

well i'm flattered, but still very very far away from the effect of your picture, luke. smile

michi said...

love this. :)

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