Saturday, January 20, 2007

vagina monologues II

Got a sec
Buy OEM software
Penis Enlargement Breakthrough
75% Discount
Separate yourself from other men
Hows it going
It is a rare opportunity to save so much on generic meds
Re: See4 yourself
Amen. Thou shalt thou make a wise, king of their sakes saying, the
Tired with huge expenses?
Just save a pot of money
Penis Enlargement Breakthrough: 3
Lets go
16 ladies are online now
Thy bed ranks, by the wind driveth away.
No liability
Jearim, a serpent, said, unto the place. Why have no man which is


Anonymous said...

teehee. this is a riot, sarah... inspired by the jerk who spammed my blog?

if this is II, where is I? or is there a subliminal sexual message in the number?


SarahJane said...

oh, arlene, this is all my OWN spam by my own jerks who visit my inbox regularly with their enormous ideas. but your spam was indeed pretty amazing, too...
part I looked so awfully phallic that it was shut down by the chinese authorities.

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