Monday, December 04, 2006

Poetry Presents!

I’m sure you’re all wondering what kind of holiday presents you can get this year for your poetry-loving friends. Besides books, I mean. I bought a beautiful messenger bag for my sister for Christmas at Etsy, and while I was there, I saw a bunch of good poetry gifts. So...

You know someone who adores Anne Sexton? The pendant might work. Also check out this almost scary Tombstone Box with Sexton’s “The Truth the Dead Know” engraved on it. I am still getting over that.

You got a little baby? Lucky you. How’s about this Owl & Pussycat onesie?

I have mentioned Reckon’s Etsy shop before with its plethora of t-shirts, totes and pillows featuring folks like ee cummings, allen ginsberg, neruda, bukowski, etc und so weiter.

Edgar Allen Poe has inspired a number of artists – with this very cool candle, for example, and this necklace.

Really feeding the crafty mind engine is Emily Dickinson. And if you don’t like Emily Dickinson there is something wrong with you. I mean, seriously wrong. How about this formal looking pendant, or this collage?

Know somebody who can’t get enough of Sylvia Plath? Seems to be going around.


Anne Carson, for goodness’ sake?

You could also just go with bookmarks.


S. Thomas Summers said...

I'll take a Poe candle. Thanks!!!


SarahJane said...

i like that candle, too!

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