Wednesday, December 06, 2006

bald-headed woman

It always made me bristle when people sang along to songs and got the lyrics wrong. (Then I married an Italian.) So I found this site of misunderstood lyrics really funny. Some of the entries are clearly made up, but many are hilarious. Here’s a little sampling.

Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clear Water Revival
There’s a bad moon on the rise -->
There’s a bathroom on the right.

Looks like we’re in for nasty weather. -->
Looks like we’re in for mashed potatoes.

Ballad of a Thin Man
– Bob Dylan
Not a mean bone in his body -->
Not a meatball in his body.

Beast of Burden – Rolling Stones
I’ll never be your beast of burden. -->
I’ll never be your bee, Roberta.

Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
Surely the mother of lyrical misunderstandings, at least that one line. It’s “The kid is not my son,” but has been understood as “the chin is not my son,” “the thing is not my son,” “the chair is not my son,” and “he’s a jealous rabbi’s son.”

One woman was 7 when the song came out and heard:
Village cheese is not my lover.

And someone claims to have misunderstood this:
For forty days and for forty nights,
Law was on my side
But who can tell when she's in demand,
Her schemes and plans
Cause we danced on the floor in a round

As this:
For forty days and for forty nights
I was on the slab
I flew in sandwiches from Japan
Of steaming lamb curried ants
On the floor In the ground

Cripple Creek Ferry – Neil Young
Hey, hey Cripple Creek ferry -->
Hey, hey purple Greek fairy

Magical Mystery Tour - Beatles
Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour! -->
Shut up, shut up for the mystery tour!

Signed, Sealed, Delivered – Stevie Wonder
Take your pick here:
Science healed the liver, I’m yours!
Five cents a minute, I’m yours!

Rock the Casbah - Clash
He thinks it's not Kosher
Fundamentally he can't take it. -->

This is not Kosher!
For the Mental Retardation!

Brick House – Commodores
She’s a brick, ouch!


michi said...

ha! i LOVE such sites! :)
they had an endless thread of these at, it is probably still in the archives. i laughed myself silly.

i remember a few misheard lyrics, esp from my teenage years.

like "miss miller, i will not let you go" from "bohemian rhapsody", wondering who the hell miss miller is ...


(and i am still embarrassed, but i was very young then)

abba singing "one of us is crying" - which i misheard as "barnabas is crying". yeah. go ahead. laugh all you like. :)

SarahJane said...

huh? you mean it's not miss miller?

kate5kiwis said...

lots of laughs there...

i had one i used to mistakenly sing:
Bette Davis' Eyes
"She's got better days to die."

but it made perfect sense to me...

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