Tuesday, December 26, 2006

new purse

It’s the first Christmas ever that I didn’t get any books. That is freaking me out a little bit. Okay I did get a blank book. And despite my advancing age my mother bought me some Mad Libs. When everyone was out today I played a couple pages by myself. It was amusing, but I think I will be re-gifting the Mad Libs to my daughter. My mom also got me this beautiful purse made from an antique kimono. It is very very.

Elsewhere I’m the answer lady today in Very Like A Whale’s weekly questions session. Thanks for asking, Nic.


Nic Sebastian said...

Thanks for answering, Sarah!

SarahJane said...

you're very welcome. i enjoyed it.

S. Thomas Summers said...

no books??? uugghhh. that stinks. i received a new poet's first book. he is david tucker. the book is "late for work." very nice read. i also received the latest volume of the best american poetry - ed. by billy collins. good luck with the mad libs.


Hedgie said...

Excellent interview. Sorry you didn't get any poetry books for Christmas. The ones I got I gave to myself -- one of the advantages of no longer being married and having a spouse for whom expensive Christmas and anniversary (the 19th) gifts are a necessity.

michi said...

oh that purse is a beauty! bring it with you, if you ever come to vienna, okay? :)

since we don't really give many gifts at christmas anymore (and i hope we can stop doing that altogether next year), i only got a little money and a beautiful calendar. i spent some of the money on two poetry books - ilya kaminsky's "dancing in odessa" and anne carson's "the beauty of the husband". it will be a while before they get here, which gives me a chance to actually read more of the c d wright book and finish glück's wonderful "meadowlands" which i got for my birthday. :)

m x

SarahJane said...

I will bring it, Michi. It looks very good with my muds-mattered dog walking coat.

i also have been picking up some books I haven't spent enough time with. Let me know if you like Anne Carson.

Anonymous said...

yes you are right, that bag *is* very very.

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