Friday, December 29, 2006

90 down

I finished the 30:30 poem-a-day forum at Inside the Writer's Studio. For the 3rd time. Here are the titles and random lines.

30. Year-End: There’ll be no snow this year.
29. Getting Home: spaghetti, that old bastard
28. Recognition: When my time comes
27. Luggage: A woman cheats because of her father.
26. Ghazal of the Honed Knife: Left hand the usher, right hand the groom of her.
25. Bitterness: Now I don’t feel one way or the other.
24. What Does it for Me: Emil Nolde
23. His Distance: I rub up against it.
22. Vidalia: Such food won’t do for cooking.
21. Poetry Overdose: One more invocation of the name Sylvia and I’ll kill myself.
20. Quaker Meeting: God will kiss the back of your head.
19. Etiquette: drinking, quite frankly, stinking bad wine.
18. All Go Down Together: How boring the toil of the meticulous
17. Who’s Who: Sarah, you never climbed that mountain.
16. Consultation: Gregor, I bring you again my lurid heft.
15. Getting There: At last I have given up thinking
14. Submit a Short Bio: His limp is the result of childhood crush
13. Little Fists: pinned to the wall by a slaughter of laughter
12. Labrador: Like God, she’s not industrious.
11. To a Young Man Listening to Techno on his Walkman: Jolt us from the hypnotist of modern pomp
10. Remedy: Brown sugar sucks the fire-bite out
9. Friday Morning: the dull ache, incapable of opening its mouth
8. NJ Transit: You never see a soul out here
7. Dwindling Commodities: It’s not the dearth which makes me bitter
6. Destiny: A man cheats because it is the first day in February.
5. Drawing Exercise: To be truly sad you have to know the right people
4. Distances: Do you imagine misery as vigourous
3. Powerhouse: so much for showbusiness
2. The Suited Accepts: Today I say yes to the mice inside me
1. Brocade Patching: Rain rubs the spoons


Carl Bryant said...

Dear Sarah,

Why must you torture yourself this way?

30 rough drafts shared with the world over 30 consecutive days?

The horror.

SarahJane said...

it was pretty painful for all involved. smile

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