Friday, September 15, 2006

Short Reprise for Mary Todd who Went Insane, but for Very Good Reasons

I talked all day long. It was quite exhausting. The mouth and lungs tire; the furrows in the brow tire; and also the mind gets tired of putting sentences together. And of acrobating between languages. I talked about the economy. I talked about how-to. I talked about writing news for what seemed like hours. I talked staff illnesses and vacations. I talked about getting around writing problems and dealing with editors. I talked tabloids and magazines. I arranged schedules and weekends with colleagues. I talked about who should do what. I talked to reporters, translators, editors, managers, the sandwich lady, the dog, the kids, the husband, and Maxim, our new au pair. I talked to Idun, Ulrike and the coordinator at Luisa’s music school. I gave directions to Wiessenauplatz. I wished three people a nice weekend and thanked the cashier. I talked to the barefoot girl who wanted to pet Stella. I said she could and that Stella liked girls, and also playing with other dogs and that she wanted to go home now to get her dinner, goodbye.

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michi said...

i feel like that on some days, sarah, esp mondays - 6 hours of ECDL classes, and 3 hours of english classes at night, and talking to all sorts of people in between and afterwards. exhausting.

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