Thursday, September 14, 2006

20 Down

Doing the poem-a-day forum at Inside the Writer's Studio. As of today, 20 done. But I can't find poem #5 so I may have counted wrong. Seems kind of impossible. Below is the rundown. Somehow horses keep showing up in my poems. Horses and I have very little to do with each other -they go about their business and I tend to mine- so I don't know where that's coming from. I do often think watching Stella run that she resembles a horse. But she resembles a seal even more. Oh it must be lovely to be a seal, as long as the people leave you to your business.

20. What I Read in the Paper (Everything about sand storms…)
19. To Long Division (I always knew you’d come back…)
18. Boredom (Cramps)
17. Unwilling to Wake (miniature hour…)
16. Neigh (The toothbrush lodges a horse…)
15. House Tour (Basement….)
14. At Thatcher’s House (This morning I remembered the trip…)
13. You are What You Think You Are (I think I’m the crook of an eyebrow…)
12. The Old Me (I wore fangs and drove a semi.)
11. Mood Libido (love me with your teeth)
10. Among my Failures (If I could have roused the horses…)
9. Some ofs from cummings (posted below)
8. Europa (Johannes, your green apples make me bitter.)
7. Charity (A half hour’s worth of dust…)
6. Evening with Labrador (I walk with browndog, anchored to her hipsway.)
5. ? I think I must have counted wrong.
4. Gallop (Every night the horse…)
3. Do Tell (Last night my thoughts puckered like peas…)
2. From Train 21 (mind the gap mind the rush)
1. Love Song to Tram #16 (Little tram, swinging out…)


michi said...

sarah, that woke the detective in me:
II.5 was Charity, and II.7 was Lunar Eclipse. all there. :)

10 days to go!


SarahJane said...

Whew! Thanks Michi.

Anonymous said...

I would kill for your opening lines, Sarah. Loved the ee cummings lines too. I see you are writing and that's a good thing.


Sam of the ten thousand things said...


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