Thursday, August 24, 2006


There are some great t-shirts and such at Reckon's shop over at Etsy. Besides cummings he's also got - anne sexton, robert creely, sylvia plath, allen ginsberg, wm. blake, dylan, leonard cohen, pablo neruda, gertrude stein, and a lot of other art, music and literature figures. i've spent hundreds of my imaginery money at etsy.


Shelley said...

Drool drool slobber. I'm on a self-imposed t-shirt restriction (I think I could probably wear a different t every day all summer), but now that our little man is sometimes wearing them as nightshirts, maybe way will open to a lifting of the ban...

Great stuff!

LKD said...

The Carole Lombard t-shirt is so damned beautiful that I want to frame it and hang it on a wall.

The Plath is pretty damned excellent too.

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