Thursday, July 20, 2006

waving the hankie

well, it’s breaking my heart but i have to leave the blog for a couple weeks. yep, summer vacation cometh. the long hot drive, the expensive accomodations, the fun the fun the tolls and pit stops. did I mention the fun? well, i hope it will be fun. & i understand brittany is not too hot. at least not where the french are dying of heat at the moment. that’s bordeaux. brittany is supposed to be gorgeous. well they’ll just have to prove it to me. I mean, i’m from New Jersey for chrissakes.

Actually i’m more mountains than ocean but everyone needs variety.

I’m taking Norman Dubie’s “The Mercy Seat,” Martin Amis’ “London Fields,” Pier Giorgio di Cicco’s “Living in Paradise,” John Banville’s “Athena,” “The Best American Short Stories of 2005,” Elaine Equi’s “The Cloud of Knowable Things,” a copy of Barrow Street and the new copy of 32 Poems. I hope this will do me for two weeks. My mother, who is joining us, is brining me Kenneth Koch’s “New Addresses.” That's about as excited as i get.

I do hope not to be ripped to shreds by wolverines. Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here. Back in early August.


michi said...

have fun fun fun, and time to relax and read. let me know what you think of london fields - it has just been recommended to me.

take care!


lorguru said...

Have a wonderful time. Your blogging will be missed!

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

That's a solid reading list. Have a safe trip.

Rus Bowden said...

Have a blast, Sarah. Don't for get the poetry pad and a pen. Or do you do the recorder thing?


Carl Bryant said...

Watch those Frenchmen, Sarah. Avoid any conflicts if you can.

If a gang of them attack you and you fight back, you'll have to house them all as POW's when they surrender.

I look forward to the great poetry you're sure to write during your free time!

C. E. Chaffin said...

Don't get the wolverines in France thingie; I thought they were only in North America? Do enjoy your break. Impressive list of books. You can't read them all in two weeks! But what ambition. .

kate5kiwis said...

au revoir chick!!
hubby and i just had two days in paris... was so amazing.

Pris said...

Enjoy yourself!!!

Amanda Auchter said...

Have a great time on vacation! Looks like you've got a full reading list -- enjoy!

Bob Hoeppner said...

Enjoy! I've been less active here also. Do more of my blogging on MySpace.

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