Friday, April 14, 2006

what the ....

ok, i'm hardly a war monger
having been a good young quaker
and I can't stomach the president of usa
but when iran in one breath says
its pursuit of the nuclear is peaceful
and in the next says
israel must be annihilated
i do wonder why they're looking
for the guy with the big stick


rae said...

you know, I was watching some show, I forget which one and someone was talking about extremist christians who, because they believe these are the end of days, they are in turn, making it happen. I feel the same way you do, in this post, but I thought that idea was interesting even if it doesn't apply to this. Funny how that happens.

SarahJane said...

it all applies, unfortunately!
because bush's party represents the right-wing christians.
and just like radical islam
they're not too afraid of being blown up.

carl said...

Is there no way to fake some old biblical scroll in which Jesus and Muhammed get together and proclaim quiet suicide as the only way to heaven?

It could work...

SarahJane said...

yeah, well, happy easter i guess!

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