Sunday, April 16, 2006


Took browndog out for a walk around 630. Not a soul around, not even the newspaper lady. We found the blue ball dog destroyed yesterday and kicked it down the hill a bit. Or I kicked it and lazy watched. Having a dog has left my legs in tatters. I haven’t had this much exercise in forever. Nor did I want it. Beautiful morning on the brink of rain. Fogsoft. Green slopes, and the forsythia apparently just informed that Jesus is risen - everywhere its hair standing on end.

Came back and hid the colored eggs in the garden.


michi said...

i like "fogsoft" and the forsythia part. thanks for sharing. i hope everyone found their osternester! greetings from rainy (again!) wien, m

Arlene said...

wonderfully lush descriptions, sarah!

hope you have a terrific easter. those eggs sound heavenly. i'm still eating my chocolate one from last year... it's all dusty (helps build up the immune system).


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