Wednesday, April 19, 2006

All I Want

Got a rejection from Southeast Review. Too bad.
But the most important thing is I like the poems I’d sent them.
So I have them back now. The poem’s the thing.

I don’t care if I’m rejected by SE Review, but bring me a poem.
(A poem with legs, and soft haunches.)

I don’t care if I’m promoted at work, but bring me a poem.
(A poem that can stand on its head, like yogis, like water.)

I don’t care whose family we visit at Christmas, but bring me a poem.
(A poem sumptuous as blue ink on rough paper.)

I don’t care if I lose my internet access, but bring me a poem.
(A poem that eats lunch at midnight.)

I don’t care if there’s a run in my stocking, or if I add two grey hairs a day or George Bush finds oil on the moon, just bring me a poem.
(A poem that entertains like hipsway, and sings in the voice of a cricket.)


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Great attitude, great poem!

michi said...

oh yes. m

Carl Bryant said...

Love it muchly.

I can't bring you a poem, but I have plenty of Hallmark cards. It's a little-known fact that the "H" in Jesus' full name stands for Hallmark, because God cared enough to send the very best.

I just popped in to say
liked your poem, it made my day.


SarahJane said...

look at you! now I'm going to have to put up a much better picture.

glad y'all understood the poem, which isn't really a poem, but a kind of hybrid poem-prayer-mantra-begfest.

Arlene said...

Yessss!! The poem's the thing -- and positive attitude is good. What I tend to dislike more than rejections (also in reply to simultaneous subs entry) is when magazines don't reply... and there are quite a handful of terrific ones out there that reply only if they accept something. Blah.

Great to see you've started 30:30!! Hey, maybe I'll jump in tomorrow. If only for the pleasure for reading your stuff... Hear that, Michi?!! Yer comin' wid me, wench.


michi said...

oh and i was beginning to think that day would never come ... when i would finally, finally ... be called a wench. ah! i can die a happy wom... oops wench now.

not sure about 30/30, i'm still braindead, and busy weeks are ahead - 6 more hours to teach every week.


jill said...

Well written poem about rejection. As artist we are at times rejected, left not understanding yet our passion continues for us.

I cannot offer you a poem..that is your gift. I can only offer you a picture every now and then.

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