Tuesday, April 18, 2006

30 days

I'm doing the poem-a-day forum at the 30:30 forum of Inside the Writer's Studio. Interesting experience. When I studied language education, one focus was the language-learning "monitor," ie the superego in the head that edits what the learner says. If you have a high monitor, that means you don't speak the foreign language unless you're pretty sure what you're saying is correct. Low monitor means you just talk and talk without much concern about correctness.

I can't help but think of the monitor when trying to post a poem a day. You have to spit it out, right or wrong. Maybe you'll be incomprehensible. I need to drop my monitor and just write. I think in fact it's a pretty good start to writing altogether - just beginning and worrying later on.

Don't know yet what my poem will be today, which is day 6.
So far it's been:

5. You and Whose Army
4. Me Jane
3. Logbook
2. Forecast
1. Late Snow


Pat Paulk said...

Good luck, very ambitious goal!!

michi said...

sarah - i've done five rounds of 30, and am taking a break now, i was braindead after round five. *L* some excuse eh? anyway, i hope to be back soon - i read your poems there, and hope to catch the other 24. :) happy writing and misvvj,


Bob Hoeppner said...

Here's to throttling the monitor, or slaying the Minotaur, or something like that...

I'm averaging a poem every two days this year, which is a pace I've sustained for several months now. It feels good!

SarahJane said...

michi - it'd be great if you joined 30:30 though i imagine 5 rounds would burn you out. I'm having trouble making sense.
Bob, i'm impressed you can write a poem every other day. that's good.

Pris said...

I tried writing a poem a day in honor of Poetry Month, but lasted two days. Just can't do it that way. Envy those who can.

SarahJane said...

It really is not easy and it is also a question of style. I have a high monitor and am also not very good at posting something I'm aware is crap. But it's good to take a stab at this, and sometimes stumble, and sometimes begin to succeed. cheers, sarah

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