Tuesday, March 14, 2006


In a poetic slump. Just too tired, I think, with work, kids, dog, appointments, making dinner, cleaning up dinner, paying bills, insomnia, sick kids, and now the husband says he needs a small operation and will in the hospital for a few days, then out of commission for 2-3 weeks. I did my best to be sympathetic, but mostly innerly panicked about when I'd find the time to pencil in my nervous c'llaps.


Jessy Randall said...

Hey Sarah, that's awful, I have been feeling the same way lately, like I'm one flu bug away from total nervous breakdown. If my husband were going to be unable to help with the kids for two or three weeks, I'd seriously have to call in the cavalry -- do you have a mom or a sister or somebody who can come and help for a while?

-- Jessy

SarahJane said...

Aren't you nice! No! My mom and sister live an ocean away. God, do I feel like shit now.
Read your poem at Tattoo Highway today, by the way. It's all true.

michi said...

sorry to hear that sarah. :(
how do i cheer you up? by telling you that i have never read les miserables, or the doors of perception? *S*
by telling you that i am not feeling great either - *that* close to the flu myself, sick and tired of winter, and writing has been a drag this past week (round 5 of daily poems)? by telling you that i will be sending a fairy and a helpful heinzelmännchen over to you?

m x (and lgnfq, which i am sure means "keep smiling" in some language.)

SarahJane said...

hi michi -
all of german-speaking europe is tired of winter. it's amazing long this year.
yes, send me a heinzelmann, and also a therapist, personal trainer, chef and math tutor.

Jill Burhans said...

As an artist our muse inspires us at the most "inconvenient" times..keep notes during the time needed in helping your family. I too know to well the inner creativity of voices are difficult to ignore.

I will talk to the angels for you.

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