Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I have two poems in the new DMQ Review: Postcards from Paris and Year in Milan.

One of those, Postcards, was accepted over a year and a half ago by Poet's Canvas, which then disappeared into the ether before publishing. Never heard back from the editor. A friend of mine was accepted for the same issue and also never heard a word back on why/what happened. It's another one of those cases where you can only assume something terrible has happened, when actually all you'd like to do is get pissed off.

So, be careful which ezines you submit to. Are they fly-by-nights? Do the editors stick to the publishing schedule?

My poem Stovetop won the IBPC competition this month, which was a complete surprise. Once it's up at the Web del Sol site, I'll post the link.

Otherwise, Third Coast wrote back to say they'd also take For Luisa, Waiting to be Fetched along with The Problem with Everything. So that was good news. Not sure if they'll be in the next issue or the following one.

Bellingham Review apparently rejected my poems. I got them back in an envelope last week. No rejection slip, no nothing. Just the poems in my SASE.


michi said...

wow! such good news! and such a lot of good news! i loved your poems at dmq, and the ibpc winner too!

so - *party*!

strange that rejection from bellingham review. not even a single word about anything? sometimes you wonder, don't you.

Bob Hoeppner said...

Congratulations on all the positive feedback, Sarah. I've submitted to only one online zine; been accepted both times.

I'm currently in the process of building an impressive list of print rejections (Hudson Review and Kenyon Review so far.)

SarahJane said...

oh i have a long list of those too. also from ones that took the time to reject me in words, not just by symbolically sending my poems back!

nate said...

Sarah, congrats on all the good news (even though you beat me out in IBPC :)). I remember "Stovetop", a worthy poem to take first place (I got third). I look forward to reading your poems in DMQ. I'm glad for all your recent success...

Carl Bryant said...

Congrats, Sarah!

It's so good to read you in so many places. I think you're one of a select few responsible for raising the online poetry bar, and it's a very cool thing.

thelastnoel said...

Hey, kudos to you!

Arlene said...

woohoooo!! congrats on the dmq publication and winning the ibpc!!

just love the milan poem in dmq, btw. went there twice, stayed for 3 hours each time -- reading the poem was like seeing that milanscape i've got in my mind, but with richer details.

re: the bellingham review. look at the bright side of it -- now you've got a nearly brand-new submission batch ready for sending off again ;)

(not angela, not angie,
but sometimes, just sometimes zpxwzflg)

carl said...

Don't you just hate it when an IBPC judge offers no comment at all on his picks for winning poems?

In fairness to those judges:
Perhaps they're too busy polishing their bios, maybe they're suffering from writer's block and that simple paragraph just won't come, it could be that they're lazy, or maybe they're hoping Sarah will shoot them on sight.

SarahJane said...

well, I'm glad to have won, of course, but just like everyone else I'm wondering why, haha. so, yeah, a comment would be nice.

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