Thursday, February 23, 2006


Eric Asimov had an article in the NYTimes this week (that I read online) about how he's a fan of the Rioja wines from Spain. So of course I sent him my Rioja poem. And he sent me back a mail that said "Bless your Spain-shaped heart."


caffeine destiny said...

nice wine, but what does your new dog look like? post the puppy!

rae said...


Mannnnn, I would be out of my mind if anyone at the times wrote me back personally about a poem I sent them. I once submitted to The Times, just for ha-ha's.

SarahJane said...

yeah, i have to get the puppy up here soon. she's a good spirit, and a rowdy, too.

rachel, i didn't even know if he liked poems, but my poem was about the wine in his article, so what the heck!

michi said...

verrry cool, sarah! :)

though my favourite red is australian shiraz. :)


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