Thursday, February 23, 2006

i need more money to pay these poets

Cesar Vallejo - The Gravest Moment In Life - $3.1 million
Tomaz Salamun - Only the Snow Stays - $2.91 million
Gerald Stern - The Law - $88,045
Lia Purpura – Cicada – $43,672

gotta get more ladies in there...

Got a rejection from West Branch. Aside from their probably not liking the poems, the editor said they don’t usually run a poet in consecutive issues. So I’m ready to swallow that.

Also, in sending a note on to Bitter Oleander that a poem I’d submitted there ages ago was accepted elsewhere, the editor said he thought he’d already responded to my previous query saying he hadn’t accepted any of my poems. Well, I can’t say I’d overlook an email from them very easily, but these things happen. Clarity!

On the acceptance side, Third Coast accepted my poem “The Problem with Everything.” That was a boon.

And DMQ Review accepted “Year in Milan” and “Postcards from Paris.” They turned down “Lisbeth,” which I’m fond of. But so what.


Bob Hoeppner said...

Hey, congratulations on the acceptances!

michi said...

congrats sarah!!! :)

SarahJane said...


Arlene said...

yay! congrats on the acceptances, sarah!! you raaaawk!


nate said...

Late to the party (as usual) but wanted to offer my congrats on your recent acceptances...

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