Wednesday, February 01, 2006

it boggles the mind

The Fascinating Lives of Celebrities

Lindsay Lohan In Stitches After Teacup Incident
Indian Movie Star Amitabh Bachcha Undergoes Checkup
Aaron Spelling’s Ex-Nurse Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
Michael Jackson Visits Friend In Germany
Russia’s King Of Folk Dance Celebrates 100th Birthday
Charlize Theron Likes To Cook Marmelade
Joaquin Phoenix Uninjured In Los Angeles Car Accident
Village People “Policeman” Fails To Show For Drug Sentencing


michi said...

Paris Hilton Takes Breath Without Extra Help
Britney Spears Walks From Kitchen To Balcony
Michaela A. Gabriel's Pulse Racing After Reading Exciting News

Miriam said...

and Sarah has rain in her purse. A delightful read.

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