Sunday, January 29, 2006

the sermons the hymns and the valentines

finally got that christmas ipod figured out - thanks to carlo.
bought two songs: joni mitchell's "the priest" and "rainy night house." so i guess i'll be listening to them over and over tomorrow on the train.
flirted with martha wainwright and sarah slean, but figured i might as well buy those cds whole.
ok, tomorrow I'll enter the decade.


michi said...

a-ha! martha! :) don't i know her from somewhere? *G*
i LOVE my mp3player, and though i have only had it for about 6 weeks, i have no idea how i have lived without it for so long, always carrying cds etc
martha, richard hawley, the walkabouts on powerplay. have fun! m

SarahJane said...

well, the dumb thing is i remembered this morning that i already have "rainy night house." duh.
I really like Martha Wainwright - thanks for recommending her!
the next song i'm going to buy, though, is patti smith singing "because the night." 99 cents.

michi said...

oh yes! good choice!
natalie merchant does a beautiful version of it too.
oh i could talk about music FOREVER! *G*

thelastnoel said...

Wow! You figured it out? Show me, show me.

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