Monday, December 19, 2005

just volk

Glabrous: that was the word-of-the-day and I got to use it already. We interviewed a Danish guy with wonderful skin. Sitting next to him I thought – it has arrived! The glabrousness!

I saw any number of people today. Jillions! Kajillions! Starting with the little old lady. I used to say hello to her every morning on the UBahn platform but now that it’s dark and I avoid the park and come from the other direction, I don’t anymore. She looks like a sweet lady in her parka and I wonder where an old lady like her is off at 630 am every day. Does she have to work?! Well! We have so much in common!

At the Hauptbahnhof there was the homeless guy in black leather spangled with rhinestones who paused here and there to waver on one foot. Drunk pretty early, or still drunk, or just getting started.

And there was the stocky guy outside my office window in a dark wool coat leaning horizontally into the furious snow.

And the girl who wraps the sandwiches at the sandwich shop. She’s a thin thing but she has good arm muscles – I guess that’s what wrapping sandwiches can do for you.

And there were loads of people I’ve never seen before, many of whom reminded me of people I have seen before. And there was me in the ladies room mirror, wearing my office id around my neck just for reassurance.

And hot from the AP – Dr. Germ and Mrs Anthrax have just been released from jail!


Bob Hoeppner said...

Glabrous: love it! That's one thing we poets are committed to do, preserve cool words from falling into disuse.

Bob Hoeppner said...

I think I have an idea for using "glabrous" in a poem. I may write it tomorrow night. Thanks!

SarahJane said...

well, it's so close to glamorous...

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