Tuesday, December 06, 2005

i want to make lists

Lists of

crayon colors
poem titles
favorite movies
weather phenomena
german artists
countries I've visited
baby names
books I've loved
lucky numbers

hope to get cracking soon.


johanna said...

Love your blog, Sarah. My first chance to read "Three Deep". I like Leonard Cohen too but I haven't read even one of your favorite books, not even during the one summer when I made myself read as many classics as I could stand.

I love your blogger title. Also getting to know a little more about you. Your husband's name is lovely, Carlo. Still don't know how you do so much - work, nurture two young children, and write outstanding poetry prolifically.


SarahJane said...

Hi Johanna -
nice to see you. you're too kind to me. well, i love pushing my favorite books on people! If you do get to read one, let me know which one. smile, sarah

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
I also enjoyed reading your blog. It was like a window into your home and mind. I wish you the best of everything.

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