Wednesday, December 07, 2005

the hot file

Someone, likely under 5 ft tall, screwed around with my alarm clock yesterday and I wound up awake at 2 am, thinking it time to get ready for work. Then I figured that out and went back to bed. Then Miles started calling me - he has a fever - and I got in bed with him and stroked his hair. Such is the nighttime opera parents know. Musical beds. Light sleeping. Drinks of water. Trips to the bathroom.

Lying awake with mr. fever, I made a list of compound words with "hot." Hot seat. Hot pants. Redhots. Hot flash. Hot cross buns. It went on and on.

I'm trying to figure out the blog deal, eg adding elements, links, lists, etc. It'll sure take me a couple days... until then it looks lifeless.

A very cool thing happened. Lucy Newlyn, a lit professor at Oxford, choose a poem I submitted to her workshop as one to highlight in the Guardian poetry workshop this month. Unfortunately the line breaks got very screwed up. Nevertheless, check it out:

Mostly I want to make lists here. Especially a poem list.

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montoya said...

Hi I was just looking at ur blog and found it intresting...I was in Germany this past was snowing and being a Texas Girl..I was freezing my *** off..I was in a little bitty town called Weimar..I loved it though...and I went to Dresden..didn't feel the love in Dresden though:)
Have a good one!

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