Wednesday, September 16, 2015

By the sword, at the stake, through the plague

I’ve had a trio of poems out in the past couple weeks. 

The latest one is Medieval Photographer, a poem about an impossible vocation. It’s up in Cleaver Magazine.

Nightlight Ghazal is up in The Citron Review. I’ve written so many ghazals now, and had another accepted this week. I enjoy how the form works like a stack of short, separate poems. The first one I wrote is Ghazal of the Bright Body, published 10 years ago. 

The If Horse is in Hermeneutic Chaos. I have written a number of sentence poems like this but haven’t published many. The first was published in 2012 in qarttsiluni - The Only Order the Day Had Was Chronological Order. I had another recently accepted at concis.


Kass said...

Meaningful double use of 'shot' - for the rats in "Medieval Photography." Also, "...souls detaching" and "...convulsing with angels and snakes" made my eyes widen.

Love the "ruined music" of the first ghazal and everything that rhymed with "run with it" in the 2nd ghazal.

" a typo" juxtajerked me to a good place in "The If Horse."

The conundrum of living in the moment in "The Only Order....." - "...saving those moments for now." - Such Weltschmertz, indeed!

Kathleen said...

Enjoyed all of these, and congrats!

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