Wednesday, August 03, 2011

excuse me while I wring this long swim out of my hair

My chapbook, "Excuse me while I wring this long swim out of my hair," now newly exists. If you are so inclined, you can order one RIGHT HERE. Please do. There are a 22 jillion poems in it, including, completely out of order -

Dictionary Illustrations
Toy Boat Toy Boat Toy Boat
Ghazal of the Jack Pines
Riding Backwards on the Train
Excuse me while I wring this long swim out of my hair
On the Way to Meet My Daughter’s Teacher
Poem Found in a Comic Book
Outdoor Café, October
On Stopping to Smell Perfume on the Way Home from Work
From the Back of My Mind
My Money is on Fire
Ingrid Wears Bangs
Do Tell
Can’t we put them all there
The Minimalist
To Long Division
In Frankfurt Cemetery
Sworn to Observance

As I've mentioned, the marvelous Emmanuel Polanco provided the collage for the cover. If this were an Oscar speech, I would be thanking him right now with plentiful tears. I would also be wearing a long gown.


Anonymous said...

a jillion poems on their way to montana as i type.

Kathleen said...

And you would be sparkly! The check is in the mail, to the Dancing Girl.

Einlicht said...

Just in time for my birthday too, Sarah. How did you know?

Can't wait to wear this one out the way I did In the Voice of a Minor Saint!

SarahJane said...

Thanks! I'm really glad to see this published.

Robert Mc said...

Just ordered my copy. Yay for looking forward to a small package in the mail.

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